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Sharp with Josh Moore and Gabriel Phoenix
Josh Moore sits perched on the arm of a chesterfield sofa in a grey/brown/mottled suit, looking sexy, brooding, a fireball waiting for someone to try and pick him up! In swaggers Gabriel Phoenix in a midnight blue 2 piece and tie, he catches his eye and walks up to him with confidence. Suddenly startled at the match, Josh rises to his feet proving a few inches of height difference, Gabriel almost steps backwards, not before Josh reaches out to grab him by the neck piece and pull him in for a deep, tonguefuelled kiss. Taking the absolute lead Josh inspects him, snogs him and spins him round to get a good look at the arse he’s going to be fucking. Pushing him into the leather Eames ottoman, pulling his trousers just below his arse, yanking his briefs up then down and giving him a good hearty slap before inspecting his hairy hole with his tongue. Gabriel groans, he likes the rough with the smooth. Josh takes out and lubes up his thick 9” cock from him trouser fly and plunges is straight into bent-over Gabriels arse, willing or unwilling, he’s taking it. He grips on for dear life as Josh really stretches out his hole. Grabbing onto his suit to pull him back into him. Letting up for a moment Gabriel stands up on the chair to give him a height advantage and let Josh suck him off, unbuttoning his shirt as he does, grabbing the back of his head and thrusting, taking every advantage of the moment! Enough of this, Josh grabs him, and pushes him down into the chair, trousers naked off and legs up, he’s going in again! More naked and deeper than before, Gabriel almost looks like he’s struggling to take him but he pushes on, or more Josh does. Taking it like a champ in what’s supposed to be one of the most comfortable chairs in the world, not quite what the designer had in mind for it! On his fee! t, facing the big mirror so he can fuck him doggy and look him in the eyes at the same time. Really letting rip and fucking him hard, Gabriel can’t contain it any more and shoots a massive load all over the mirror, muddying focus and the reflections, but what a shot! Getting on his knees Gabriel awaits Josh’s fat load on his face, he’s not disapointed.


Locker Jock Aarin Asker
Sexy, cheeky and downright stunning bloke Aarin Asker is full of surprises. Representing full on American charm and big broad smiles he tells us a little about his personal likes and dislikes. Emblazoned across his short cut tee is ‘Daddy’s Boy’, we don’t have to guess what kinds of guys he goes for! Living in sunny San Diego, he’s come over to the UK to visit JP and do some hot fuckin’ porn! So lets start, A hairy, tanned and defined section of his abs, exposed between a blue and white cropped t-shirt and jock combo writhes and is pulled around by his own groping hands. Nipples tugged, fur stroked, groans very audible. Aarin is seriously getting into himself, which is just what we like! an initial smattering of tattoos turns into a bigger collection of cool body art when the tee comes off, sweetly staring into the camera lens he flashes a very dirty-boy look, then delves his hands into his jock pouch. Getting hard and getting out, he strokes the full length of his hardening cock. Not satisfied yet, he goes to a nearby locker and pulls out a big, black and shiny curious looking toy. It’s a big ‘ol cock pump! Lubing up and sliding in, he looks through the clear plastic into the camera as he makes the first few pumps. Air constricting, dick inflating and physical tension seriously building, he groans as he feels the tightness of the pump, engorging his fat cock. leaving the device on, then pumping a little more, he does it as much as he can take before he’s gotta release himself! Big sighs of relief, he’s glad to get his hands back on his cock but hornier that ever! Doing some pumping of his own he brings himself off, spraying his thick creamy load over the black bench.


Leander STUFFD by Gabriel
Gabriel Phoenix struts over to Leander in a black and yellow neoprene harness and jock combo, looking hot, full of cocky charm, he already has a feeling he is going to get everything he wants! Leander has a sexy submissive demeanour, wearing just jock, socks and trainers. He has the look of a man in lust, a look that’s going to get him into trouble! Instantly there’s chemistry between these two, though we knew that before they were stood nose to nose. Passionate necking ensues, Gabriel grabs him by the throat, taking control and establishing the dominance between these two. Taking it further Gabriel stands up high above him, taking his hard dick out as an instruction on what’s next. Leander doesn’t skip a beat and gets right to work on his big cock, sucking it down for all he’s worth. Gabriel has something for him, and he wants it! Pulling out a big bumpy arse toy his eyes light up, Gabriels that is, Leander looks excited and a little scared but he wants to please him. getting on his back he relaxes as much as he can so Gabriel can STUFF him! Plunging the toy into his butt Leander looks up at him with wide eyes, accepting his fate. Filling his hole, grinning and pushing Leander as hard as he can. He bends him over, straddels him and pushes harder, slapping his ass as he goes. Losing the toy he goes for a backwards doggy fuck, deep and horny!



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